Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Dragon Lady Dress

Well look I made another thing! Well actually I made this thing a while back, I just didn't have a chance to blog about it. I finished it up the last week of Me Made May but all you folks got to see was this selfie, because by the end of the month I was SO SICK of all of the photos.
So this dress is more of the same in some ways - I made this dress  from the Laurel pattern by Colette Patterns. You guys have seen so many versions on this pattern already, but what the hell. I like it and it works for me, I'm pretty sure there will be more and more versions of this dress in the future!

So I SHOULD have straightened the frock up a bit before asking Rich to take the photo! But you guys can see the dress - I think its cute. Also we ALWAYS have a football in our lounge, its not just for the Football World Cup.

This fabric may look familiar to some of you, it was one of my sweet scores from the Island Bay fabric fair. I STILL  need to make something with the magnificent 90s computer fabric I bought on that day.

Here's a close up of the fabric - you can see why I call it my dragon lady dress right?
Also you may have noticed I'm NOT wearing my trusty brown Avon winter boots in these photos - WAHHHH?? I bought a new pair of winter boots and they are black and are super comfy. Hurrah.
Oh yeah and the passport - so apparently its been approved! I rang the passports office last night as I have been thinking about it a bit (AKA freaking out). They told me it has been approved and there is no reason I won't have it by the end of the week. Next Monday at the very latest. So everything should be fine - but I DO fly out on the 26th of June! At least I'm still smiling right?
Hope you all have a good week!  PS - I totally know the neckline doesn't fit that great - but I kind of don't care, life's too short!


Curtise said...

Gorgeous fabric, and another lovely frock. Good news about the passport, I bet you are relieved! xxx

Vix said...

That dragon print dress is awesome! Your makes are always fabulous and you put me to shame with the amount of great stuff you make.
Good news on the passport, keeping my fingers crossed that it arrives on time. xxx

Krista said...

That fabric is ace! You crack me up with all your I should could of would of. I'm gonna say it, I wanna see you in a different style dress, one that is more form fitting. Don't make me send you something cause I will. I think you could rock pretty much anything with that pretty face of yours!

JuanitaTortilla said...

Oh my, it's holiday time already!

I'm with you on making multiples of a favourite dress. Heck, I am on that same sewing mission as well :)

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Another gorgeous frock. That style is so good on you. I do hope the passport comes ASAP. Where are you off to this time? Xx

Johanna said...

Well done! I totally need to just get a dress pattern that works and make the hell out of it. Awesome fabric as always :)

alicia said...

you look great as always! there will be so much hulk smashing if your passport is late!!!

Anonymous said...

I love love love this! It's brilliant.

Anonymous said...

I love love love this! It's brilliant.