Sunday, April 27, 2014

GOLD! (Lurex)

I haven't felt much like sewing lately - as those of you who follow my blog will know, I managed to get a whole bunch of great fabric from fabric-a-brac earlier this month. All my great fabric finds - sharks, peacocks, stars, lurex! should have been incredibly inspiring - but as it turns out they just weren't.

I think I've felt a bit bleh for most of this year and things seem to just "keep going wrong" and I don't feel like I'm able to do anything very productive. My latest problem is that my laptop is all but ready to say farewell to the world. I AM using it right now, but in safe mode and its pretty tedious. Fortunately Ria has come to the rescue and I'm able to buy one of her computers that's she's not using any longer. I could buy a new computer - but to be honest its all a bit overwhelming and its just one more thing I DON'T need right now. It's not even about the cost of a new computer, I'm just so over stuff going wrong!

I feel like a have a very LONG list of sewing projects I SHOULD have done by now, like my Miss Bossy sewing challenge which I haven't even started! I also have stuff I want to make for Rich, I promised my friend Dani I would make some stuff for her and I want to make some clothes for our holiday in late June. I basically keep getting myself all upset about all that I HAVEN'T done, and do nothing at all because I'm stressed out about it.

So over Easter I decided I would just make something, anything, and it was the gold lurex from fabric-a-brac which was the first thing in my stash that caught my eye. I decided to use a tried and true pattern, rather than putting additional pressure on myself and making a brand new pattern. I chose to make the classic wrap dress from Simple & Chic Sewing.

I have made this dress before, but in a woven, the lurex has a whole lot of stretch so I thought it would be better for a wrap dress. However, I didn't think to cut the dress a size smaller due to the stretch (I have NO idea why it didn't occur to me - its seems so logical now) so it's a little on the big size. It is a wrap dress though, so I can kind of "make it work" even though its a little big.

I went out to Ria's house on Saturday for a crafting type afternoon and she was nice enough to take a couple of me wearing the dress I made.She lives at Breaker Bay so her view is MUCH nicer than mine. Living in the inner city all we can see from our living room window is a car park.

Now truth time, I do have one problem with this dress, I'm not sure I even LIKE it! I know, first make in AGES and its meant to be a "quick win" and it kind of leaves me feeling *meh* in general. Although Ria loved it - but then others always see you more positively than you see yourself right?
Why don't I like it - I honestly don't have any reasons, maybe I just feel *meh* about it because I'm generally feeling *meh*. Maybe I'll wear it in six months time and think its the greatest dress in the world and it will make me want to scream "Lurex FOREVER!"

Well its nearly time for dinner - so I best say farewell, I hope you've all had a wonderful weekend and I will try and pull myself out of this slump soon.


Kiwimel said...

hey dude, I've just nominated you for the Leibster Blog Award!

Meghan Edge said...

Hi Sweetie - I think that dress looks GREAT on you and the fabric is super cool. I understand how you feel, though. I've had SEVERAL 'misses' and 'mehs' this month with sewing, enough to make me consider giving it up.

Anyway, I love it. I think you look great. :-D

Curtise said...

Oh Trees, I know that slump-y feeling only too well! Everything seems to go wrong, and confirm your view that... everything's wrong! I'm sorry you're feeling off, but of course it will improve, and doing something - anything - usually helps.
The dress is fine, really, and you've obviously made it beautifully. I don't think the fact that it's a bit big is too problematic, since as you say, you can just pull the wrap tighter. Much as I love lurex, I wonder of it's the colour that's making you feel meh? Perhaps you need a brighter shade or cute pattern top perk you up. I know you won't give up, you are too good a dressmaker for that, so I am looking forward to a make that you are happier with, and to lifted spirits soon! There's a holiday to look forward to, after all! xxx

Johanna said...

Well I think the dress is great! Gosh I know what you mean about the slump though. I've been there! It can be tough! I wish I knew a magic formula to fix it, but I am just trying to work on changing my perceptions, as I know that's about the only thing I can control. You're a star. Things will get better for you! And isn't a tried and true great for a quick win?

Helga said...

Babes, I'm already screaming LUREX FOREVER!!! This frock is HOT! Great style, and you look awesome!
I understand about the "meh" factor...I've been feeling that way generally myself! Just ride the wave, I reckon, and full excitement will likely turn up again when we least expect it! XXX

Louise said...

I think the dress is beautiful and the shape really suits you! Maybe you feel a bit 'meh' about it because it's a little big? (Not that it's obvious, though). I think it's a winner!

My laptop is on the way out, too. I really should get it sent off and see if I can get it repaired or replaced, (I pay monthly insurance), but I feel like I always have too much to do to let it go for a few weeks. I'm trying to get everything sorted and backed up so I can get it done before the cooling system explodes. (It currently sounds like a washing machine on the spin cycle. LOL.) xx

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the slump,I've been slumping all over the place myself lately! But I have faith that you'll get out of it, and so will I, and fwiw, I think this dress looks fantastic on you!

Vix said...

I think we all go through periods like that, especially when there's been trauma involved, like your brother's accident. Its good sometimes just to do nothing and to let your body mend itself mentally.
That dress looks great, you know I love a bit of lurex! xxx

Unknown said...

OMG so stylish - I love lurex. Please don't feel MEH, it looks great on you!

Vintage Bird Girl said...

You look great T....sorry you've been feeling blah. But like Vix says you have been dealing with some extra heavy stuff lately. We've had major electronic gremlins here too. Paul's PC motherboard fried, my mobile died, as well as Paul's, & our washing machine is on the blink. I hate buying electronics because whatever I get seems to have gremlins before too long. Major MEH! Xx

JuanitaTortilla said...

Sorry about the meh-ness, and I empathise with how you're feeling. You need a catch a break, don't you?

Good work with this dress!

Beth Waltz said...

The lurex looks good -- perhaps you need more bling in your life? Or B-12 vitamins? Not kidding, really. Exhaustion definitely leads to the *meh*s, and may cause one to stumble and fumble far more than is usual. Do be kind to yourself.

alicia said...

YES!!! the infamous gold lurex!!! love it! <3 <3 <3

Krista said...

I'm right there with you honey, things seem to travel in packs of BLAH. I think you did a killer job on this dress I am with Curtise maybe it's just the color that you are not loving. I bet it sparkles something crazy in the sunshine. Keep your chin up sweetie and I hope things turn around for you soon.