Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Matarangi Beach Times

Just before everything happened with my brother, Rich and I were lucky enough to spend a few days in Matarangi in the Coromandel for our friend Conor and Sue's wedding.

Sue, being pretty much the most organised person I have ever known arranged for a "Wellington Bach" (bach being North Island NZ speak for holiday home) for us Wellington folk to stay in - plus our friends Alaina and Boggy from Melbourne. It was a pretty fancy bach - pretty fancy indeed.

Did I mention the bach was right on the beach? Also did I mention we went to the beach for lots of walks? Because we did and it was awesome.

Also we had wonderful sunsets like this one.
Unfortunately, there was hurricane forecast for the day of Sue and Conors wedding and they day before the wedding, the skies began to get a little darker.

Then the day of the wedding the hurricane really set in (Hurricane Lusi for those who want to know its name) and our friends couldn't have their wedding one the beach as planned. The wedding was still beautiful, just held at the local golf club instead.

After the storm, we headed down to check out the beach. It had taken a bit of a hammering from the cyclone.

However, the day after the wedding the storm was all gone and the beach was beautiful again - Murphy's Law right?

So that was our mini break, it was pretty much the best. I'm so looking forward to us all getting together again for New Years. In the meantime, I'm going to listen to the rain outside and try and remember what sunshine looks like! Have a wonderful week xoxo


Vix said...

What a wonderful bach (thanks for introducing a new word to my vocabulary!). that beach is gorgeous and so are you in your cake dress and that lovely bride.
Bet a break away ha done you both the world of good. xxxx

Curtise said...

The bach looks incredibly fancy, the beach is beautiful, and despite the change of location, the happy couple look fab. Nothing beats a walk on the beach, does it?
Hope your brother is doing OK. xxx

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Now that is one fancy bach. I use that word all the time now but no one knows what it means here in Oz. The wedding looks gorgeous. Fab outfit on you too. Do you have any full shots of your outfit to share? Xx

Beth Waltz said...

This beach is a special place on the planet. Here I'd either hold catch my breath to hear its sounds or breathe deeply to inhale its ocean air. Gorgeous!

What an elegant bach (a new word for me, too) and what a sweetly simple, beautiful wedding ceremony. Blessings to the newlyweds!

Unknown said...

Looks wonderful.. a tad bit envious! When did you dye your hair? Love the black hair on you :)
Hope your bro is better already!


Indigo Violet said...

Your lovely photos make me want to move to the Coromandel immediately! Our summer was a total washout, but the silver lining is that our beaches are uncrowded. I hope your brother is improving.

Krista said...

This is just beautiful. I can't believe a hurricane landed I'm gonna say that is is an omen for an excited life of wedded bliss. You all look so happy and what fun afterwards to hit the beach.

Louise said...

That beach looks like paradise! What a beautiful place. It's such a shame your friends' wedding didn't quite go to plan but it looked beautiful all the same. xx

alicia said...

i want a bach! let's run away and live there forever. also, rich should seriously consider growing a handlebar. <3 <3 <3