Monday, December 02, 2013

First Day of Summer!

I've been a little quiet lately - there seems to be so much happening and I've been a little bit tired as well. I had some kind of virus that just wouldn't go away that left me exhausted. But I am starting to feel a bit better and more importantly I've been getting out and enjoying the sunshine as it is now officially summer!

Sunday was the first officially day of summer and I had plans to hang out with my friend Matt to meet for brunch and then head to the Thorndon Fair.

We had brunch at Picnic in the botanical gardens, I think it was the first time I had eaten there and it was pretty delicious. But let's face it - they could have fed us any old crap and we would still have been happy sitting in these gardens.

Before we left we stopped off at the Lady Norwood Begonia House as Matt wanted to see the Lotus flowers - they were really pretty.

Then it was time to hit up the fair - this was only the second time I've been to the Thorndon Fair and I had forgotten just how huge it was. As it was such a hot day I decided to start things off with a slushee drink - you could choose your own flavours.
That's right they had "Tigers Blood" and also Godzilla and Slime - my favourite was marshmallow!

I didn't take many photos of the fair as there were so many people! But how adorable is that cake stall? I took Rich home a "mancake" as he wasn't feeling so well. 

The Prime Ministers house is in Thorndon and part of the front gardens were open to the public for the fair - there were some kiddies rides set up in the garden. So Matt and I went to have look, its not every day you get to visit the Prime Ministers garden right?
We even had a cheeky peek at the Prime Ministers house - because we live in New Zealand the only thing that was blocking us from going any further was a lone road cone and a single police car!
Before we left for the day Matt wanted to show me a street that had a whole bunch of fancy old houses, as he knows how I love fancy old houses. He told me one of the houses has a ballroom in it and they sometimes have plays and other events there. Fancy Thorndon!

Unfortunately I forgot how hot the summer sun was and the only thing I took home from the fair for myself was sunburn. Note to self - wear sunscreen! I hope you are all having a great start to the week.


Camelia Crinoline said...

Thorndon has such nice houses. The botanical gardens are really lovely too. I love that you had a sneaky peek at the PM's house. He probably doesn't even live there most of the time.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Heheee! Yes, it's funny that the PM has only a road cone and one squad car to keep the crowds at bay;). I adore the houses, that tall skinny one is so quaint! Don't let me in the begonia house, I eat begonia flowers ... seriously. xoxoxo

Georgia Rose said...

Ahh I've been to many a party at that house! It's called The Moorings and it has four storeys and like 15 people living there. They throw the best themed parties with amazing bands and decorations and soo many guests.

Indigo Violet said...

So jealous - the weather here has been alternating between crap and stifling. And nummy cupcakes - I hope some were gluten free.

Unknown said...

Oh, sooo unfair! It looks so awesome over there! Here is the most horrible time.. wind and snow >< !!! I would love to try Godzilla and Slime slushies :D
You look great :)

JuanitaTortilla said...

The cake stall could have all my money just by coming up with the genius name MANCAKES :D

Vix said...

Glorious sunshine and amazingly lovely photos! You've cheered me right up! x

Louise said...

So jealous of your summer sunshine! It's beginning to get quite cold here, and it's so grey and dismal. Summer feels like it's decades away.

I can't believe how little security your Prime Minister's home has! So different to in England; I wouldn't be surprised if there were land mines and snipers guarding ours! It gets a bit over the top here. Not that I blame them; he's not the most popular man in England... x

Monsterchen said...

its so crazy to see your beautiful summer pictures while we are in cold and winter here and i was just yesterday in the mountains with snow;) but i´m not jelous you deserve sunshine and summer happiness as well;) enjoy summer lovely!

alicia said...

so many pretty things! i want a tiger blood slushie ASAP! <3