Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Travel Memories Tuesday - Sydney

A couple of years ago we went to Sydney for an extended long weekend for our anniversary - It was my first time in Sydney and I'd love to go back again some time soon. The thing I love about traveling serendipity - we chose to go to Sydney on Queens Birthday weekend (in New Zealand) as it was a long weekend and our anniversary and we wouldn't have to take too much annual leave from work.

Turns out at the same time Sydney was having a festival lights, the whole city was lit up and they had a lot of amazing musicians visiting the city. We were sad as we missed out seeing The Cure but just a few days but we did manage to snap up tickets for Bats for Lashes and saw her perform at the Sydney Opera House!

This photo was taken on the night of the Bat for Lashes concern - we were waiting for the concert to begin and decided to get some fresh air at the outdoor area on the opera house. The opera house was all lit up like so many other things in the city and I took a photo. It was such a fun trip.


Curtise said...

That's a great photo. Love Bat for Lashes. xxxx

Vix said...

The colours are just gorgeous! How were Bat For Lashes? x

JuanitaTortilla said...

Must have been quite an experience. I love nice coincidences like that! Makes the trip so much more memorable.

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

I hope to make it there some day!

hope you have a great day!


alicia said...

i think they knew you were coming and planned that festival accordingly! <3