Tuesday, July 16, 2013

What Colour is your aura?

It was my birthday on Monday and I have had some fun celebrations so far, I'll blog more about those later. 

One of the things I'm planning on doing during my "birth week" this year (why have one day when you can have a WHOLE WEEK?) is having a tarot reading with my friends Ria, Jaimee and Emily. The reading will be happening tomorrow night after work, but it made me think of the last time I had some kind of fortune told. It was when I was in Singapore and Chloe took me to have my aura read by some kind of crazy aura reading machine, it even takes a photo.
It turns out my aura is all kinds of  blues and purples - pretty!
So what did the aura reading machine tell me about my aura? Well here's a snippet:

RIGHT SIDE (EXPRESSION) - Violet - "The vibrational frequency most likely to be seen or felt by others around you"

"You show a magical, fairy/leprechaun-like face to the world. People see you as someone living in a somewhat different dimension, of realm, not everyday"

I wish I really DID live in a magic fairy world!

CENTRE (EXPERIENCE) - Earth Blue - "At this point in time you are experiencing deep inner peace and tranquility in your life"

"You many be on vacation or experiencing a "time out" to relax and gather your energies"

This one was kind of on the money - I'm not really a tranquil type - but I was on on holiday so more relaxed than usual!

LEFT SIDE (FUTURE) - Earth Blue - "Blue is the "communication" colour which indicates that you are a sensitive and intuitive listener, able to transform other through your loving listening"

People do tell me their problems quite often, even if I don't know them very well. Perhaps this machine does have some fortune telling skills? 

THROAT (COMMUNICATION) - Magical Blue - "You may feel a rush of artistic inspiration, or the need to sing"
I really hope for all of those around me I am not compelled to sing - also what kind of blue is magical blue? Really?

HEART (EMPATHY) - White Energy - "You glow with a mysterious inner light and a strong connection with the devine"
Can you guys really see me glowing?

SOLAR PLEXUS - White Energy - "The very centre of your soul is super charged with a miraculous, spiritual, healing energy"
That can ONLY be a good thing right?

SEX - Blue - "What you want most in your relationship with others in clear, honest, heartfelt, deep and intimate communication"
Doesn't everybody?

ROOT - Wildflower Violet - "You put out the highest vibrational frequency into the world"
"Somehow you have managed to transcend the physical plane, in a sense, because you easily negotiate your worldly affairs without worry, stress or effort"

If only this was true!

I'm not a huge believer in this kind of thing - although I do wish I lived in a magical fairy world and everything in my life was a breeze. I will let you know how the tarot card reading goes tomorrow night.

Hope you are all having a fabulous week! 


JuanitaTortilla said...

I'll have to show you my aura picture (done with Chloe, too). It looks just like yours. A $5 spent just for laughs :)

Enjoy your birthday week. Hope it's awesome!

Vix said...

That's ridiculous and I wouldn't have been able to resist such madness either! xxx

Curtise said...

Yep, it's all completely bonkers! Enjoy your reading, but remember that huge pinch of salt! xxxx

alicia said...

i want one! my aura would just be red lightning bolts and angry faces.

your reading was pretty accurate for a light cloud emitting from your body!

new zealand is a magical fairy realm, so it totally nailed that one.