Sunday, July 28, 2013

Birthday Part III - Tarot Reading

Another fun thing I did for my "birthweek" this year is have a tarot card reading at "Zammtopia" which is a small tarot reading business that operates in a building a few doors down from mine. There were lots of options for readings but we choose a 15 minute reading for $30.
If you are wondering why the business is called "Zammtopia" its because the tarot card readers name is Zammerly.
So you can't see my face as its buried beneath ALL that here - but here's the start of my reading. Zammerly give you an option, you have either have a straight out reading or ask questions. You also get the choice of three tarot card decks.
You get to choose five cards and place them on the table fact down and Zammerly flips over each card and reads it. The first three cards were kind of something about what's happening now or personality and the last two were kind of about the future. I got told I was generally a glass half full kind of girl and that I was too hard on myself (so TRUE) and that I have some big decisions coming up that I have to make or my dreams may slip away.

We got to do a "shared" reading, which meant we all got to hang out in the same room together whilst the readings were being done. We also got fruit bursts!
 My reading was followed by Emily's reading and then Jaimee's.

So was the $30 worth it? Totally! It was a lot more fun than I thought it would be and we all had a great time. I think maybe I would even go back again.
Also Jaimee bought me some lovely birthday flowers! Emily tried to make me fudge, but it didn't work out - but that's ok as its the thought that counts.

Hope you're all have a fun weekend and if you're in Wellington you really should have your tarot read by Zammerly sometime.


Curtise said...

Hmm, well, I can't say I am convinced by Tarot, but if you enjoyed it, that's great! I think saying someone has decisions to make or that they can be hard on themselves is a bit like saying someone has a good sense of humour - basically a safe bet! But I am a dreadful old cynic so feel free to ignore me.
Love the colours of your outfit, by the way. Was it freezing in there? Zammerly still has her coat on! xxxx

Krista said...

Totally cool original birthday fun, I wanna try it this year too!

Monsterchen said...

i think the whole celebration of your birthday week is amazing, you really did some great things! i used to read tarot cards as well when i was younger and i always thought it was exciting!
lots of love and kiss,mary

alicia said...

omg zammtopia! i had my tarot cards and my palm read when i was like 12 years old at the canadian national exhibition. i think i'm due for another!

<3 <3 <3