Monday, March 18, 2013

Aeon Clothing Swap

On Friday night I had a girls night out with Kat and Hiliare at Thistle Hall at the Aeon clothes swap party. Aeon is clothing store on Cuba Street that sells both vintage and new things, its a cool little store so I was looking forward to the swap.
The rules of the swap were pretty basic! I took my unwanted clothes along to the Aeon store about an hour before the swap, got a whole bunch of tokens (puzzle pieces), had dinner with Rich and headed off to meet the girls at Thistle Hall.
Here's a few of the piles of clothes and accessories - I was really hoping to pick up some new shoes, but all the shoes were SO TINY! Oh well, I did manage to pick up plenty of other good stuff.

The clothes swap even had a fashion show which included some rad vintage and handmade items.
So what did I get at the swap? All kinds of rad things - skirts, tops, belts, necklaces, some fabric and a bag. When I went to work today, most of my outfit was stuff that I picked up at the swap and given that it only cost $10 to head along to the swap its a pretty cheap outfit.
I only have an awkward indoor photo today as its still raining (not that I'm complaining - we seriously need rain).

Top, belt, skirt & scarf - Aeon Clothes Swap
Tights - Equipt
Shoes - Number 1 Shoes


two squirrels said...

Oh that is the best way for your old things to go on to be loved again........and you get to love other treasures to!!!!!!
The wee top you got is very cute.
Yay its raining here to, its so good everything looks so much better already. The fresh smell is intoxicating.
love V

Dressesandme said...

Ha! Those instructions are funny! I went to a clothes swap a few weeks ago and it was HECTIC!! I got some nice things so it was worth the stress. It looks like you got some cool stuff too :-)

Unknown said...

Ahh someone should really arrange something like that in Finland. Perhaps me! :)
xo, L

Vix said...

It's like a civilised jumble sale! You look fab! x

Curtise said...

I have only done clothes swaps with friends at our houses, but formalising it into an event might be a good fundraising idea... Hmm, I will ponder on that!
Sounds like fun anyway, and you found some lovely things, great skirt and a fab little scarf! xxxx

Helga said...

It does sound fun. I've never been to a swap! XXX

Krista said...

I would love to do this! What if you hate everything though:). I do like what you got!

Camelia Crinoline said...

That sounds like so much fun. Sounds like you got some great stuff. Last time I was in Welly I bought a really cute top at Aeon.

Meghan Edge said...

That sounds like a blast! :-) I love getting new-to-me stuff. I really really love your shirt. (covet)

Frocktasia said...

I'd love to organize something like this, so that I could shift some of my would be nice to invite people that I really dig to fill their arms with my cast offs (all good stuff) and the proceeds could go to Lanta Animal Welfare. You've got me reaching for my thinking cap, so thanks for the inspiration :)
Looks like a grand day out and I'm pleased that you managed to bag plenty of good stuff...xXx

Penny-Rose said...

A swap is such a good idea and I love the outfit you are wearing. Tiny shoes are a problem when thrifting :-( thank goodness for No1 shoes (I like Rubi too which has lot of sweet ballet flats).

alicia said...

i've never been to a swap of any kind, but that pile of shoes makes me want to find one ASAP! <3

alicia said...

commenting again because i heart LSP!