Monday, November 19, 2012

Sunday Afternoon

We had a pretty quiet weekend - after a very tiring week I felt like I needed a break. Plus there was rain - SO MUCH RAIN!

But on Sunday afternoon we did have a chance to get out and about and enjoy the weekend - here's a few photos. 

First up we grabbed so sushi for lunch - although we shared a pack of sushi. I'm never sure just how people can eat all eight sushi rolls. I always feel like I'm going to explode after four.
This is the spot where we ate our lunch - civic square, loads of people about enjoying a break in the weather and also so many pigeons and seagulls (as always).
This old vessel is the Hikitea - its pretty old and originally from Scotland (I think). It's a historical vessel and often in the weekends there are volunteers working on board.
There's loads of poetry and prose around the waterfront - I noticed this one for the first time over the weekend and I really liked it.
A new diving platform at Aotea Lagoon on the waterfront - over the summer I'm sure all kinds of crazy people will be jumping off here. The thought of jumping into the harbour makes me feel cold, but LOADS of people do it.
Some more poetry on the waterfront, this time near Te Papa (Museum of New Zealand) - the duck sitting on this stone is basically the grumpiest duck in the world.
Much excitement in the city at the moment as the world premier of the Hobbit is happening on 28 November in Wellington (if you didn't know - the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings movies were made in Wellington). On Sunday a sculpture was put on top of the Embassy Theatre where the premier is being held. Here's some work men with the sculpture on the back of a truck.
Here's part of the sculpture on the Embassy Theatre - Gandalf outside a hobbit house, the full sculpture is up now so I'm sure you'll see a photo in the future.
Here's a wee caravan on Cuba Street which used to be all pink and girly - now its painted up with a cat that looks like red riding hood.

Just some street art on Cuba Street - I thought it was pretty cute.
Finally a poster for a gig for "Cat and Sock" I just thought the poster was pretty rad.
Hope the start of your week is going well xoxo


Helga said...

ooo, The Hobbit, The Hobbit!!
G is beside himself to see's so cute.I'm pretty keen myself! Elves!
We had rain on and off over the weekend, but of a bummer, but I had a lovely relaxed one anyways!Couldn't be arsed going anywhere! I love how you and Rich get about the town, you're quite inspirational...and then I stay in bed anyways....but I could be tempted out for SUSHI! Yum. G makes great sushi, must get him onto that!

Julia said...

Wellington is bursting with creativity.
I used to love catch sushi on Courtney Place & there's another great place just off the Quay too... now I want sushi xo

Vintage Bird Girl said...

I'm sorry you had a cruddy week last week.....I hope you're having a better one so far. I love seeing your pics of Wellington. It reminds me of our last visit there. I loved Cuba Street, but the one thing I remember vividly about Wellington was being in the city when the babes or boobs on bikes rolled through the main streets! Hehe! I can't believe they would put a diving platform like that up....that would never happen here in Aus with health & safety fears! Xx

Vix said...

I want to go to cat and Sock, the poster's so cool!
I always love your location shots, it makes me want to jump on a plane and get to NZ. x

cb said...

I could eat sushi everyday. Its the best. I am so excited to see the hobbit, i think it comes out later here, maybe december or something. Its gonna be so good! in the summer is the water cold? It would be totally fun to jump from there but not if the water is cold!

Curtise said...

I bet I could eat all those sushi rolls... I am such a glutton!
Love your pics of Wellington and all the poetry.
The Hobbit is being very eagerly awaited by all the members of this household, can't wait! xxxx

Cosmia, Inflammatory Knit said...

GAH the Hobbit! SO EXCITED!!!

Meghan Edge said...

I know I'm taking you to see Rocky, but Gandalf is SO much cooler than Rocky. ;-) Can't wait til you visit.

alicia said...

i got bear the "gandalf arrives" lego set for his birthday. he would probably die if he was in the presence of that giant gandalf!

also, i could eat a hundred sushi rolls...