Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Craft Book Swap

I recently completed my first craft swap in Taiwan. It was another craftster swap (of course) and it was a craft book swap. It was a pretty low stress swap as the main part of the swap package consisted of a craft book and also some materials.

I sent my partner a Chinese craft book all about book making and some supplies to make bags.

However, this swap also required sending your partner a couple of small crafted items. My partner is an excellent sewer so I thought I would try and send her items with a sewing theme. First up were these sewing themed earrings. I thought they were kind of cute but this photo is kind of bad - sorry about that.

Next was this little purse - I bought the purse itself already made (I don't have a sewing machine) but I added all these cute sewing themed buttons. I also added the leaves as I figured it's autumn now in the US where my partner lives - it's kind of seasonal.
Finally some kawaii cute cakes - one is a key ring and one is just a "dangler" I guess. You could attach it to anything really. I had a fun time making these - I guess when you can't make real cake, fake cake is the next best thing! I know they don't look exactly like cakes but you can see some cake like features right?


Suzanne said...

i am totally jealous of your swap partner right now because i am jonsing on those EARRINGS!!! WOWZA! I also do swaps on craftster, they are loads of fun!

Trees said...

I love swapping ^^ So much fun!