Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Another night......another night market....

If you hadn't already guessed from my previous posts about Taipei - night markets are a huge part of life in Taiwan and they are a whole lot of fun.

I can't actually remeber the name of this market (terrible I know!) but it was described in the Lonely Planet as the most "dingy" night market in Taipei. I actually didn't think it was very dingy at all - it reminded me a lot of the markets I visited in Korea.

We started the night market eating as that's what most night markets are for! I bought one of these amazing chocolates and Rich bought a mini chocolate cake. It was so good!

Next up was a stop at an arcade - Rich always plays the basketball games and I always try to convince myself this time I WILL win something on the claw machine.After the arcade Rich wanted to get a cookie chicken pie - unfortunatly they were all out of cookie chicken pie (whatever chicken cookie pie is!).

Some more of the food at the markets - there is so much food at these markets, but sometimes I honestly don't know what it is! This stuff looked great - I think it's kind of ice shavings and you pick your own topping. But that's just my best guess!

Another one of these stalls where you choose a kebab and have it cooked for you - this one had a huge amount of choices of kebab. You put the kebab's you want in that little bucket and just hand it over to the stall holders for cooking.Shrines are absolutely everywhere in Taipei and there are shrines everywhere - including near markets. Here's one we saw on this particular night out.

Finally, to finish off, what I think is a low fi version of Doctor Fish. I'd like to try it out but I don't speak any Chinese so I don't know how to ask!

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