Friday, October 01, 2010

Night time river walk

Once of the nice things about living in Taipei is that there is so much public space - so many gardens (big and small) and public art.

We are pretty lucky as we live really near a river with a really nice walkway and many parks. Our landlady told us about the walkway but last Saturday was the first time we went to check it out. It was dusk when we got down there which was a really nice time - the days here are still really hot and can be sticky and uncomfortable for walking.

But at dusk things are much cooler - plus we got to see bats, a fish jumping out of the river and numerous Taipei locals on their bikes which were pimped out with flashing lights and music. Some of them are pretty impressive.

This is my favourite photo of the evening - is it godzilla in the sky? Not quite - near my house is a children's park and they are building a dinosaur themed playground. To promote it they have these giant dinosaur shaped balloon's in the sky. Up close the balloons actually look pretty rubbish but I think it's pretty cool to see the shadow of dinosaur's floating in the sky.

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