Monday, October 18, 2010

Double Ten Day

On the tenth of October, it's double ten day which is a little bit like Taiwan's independence day.
There were a lot of different event's around Taiwan on this Sunday, but the main event seemed to be a huge parade though Taipei with so many different floats. There's some photo's of just a few of the floats below.

The parade left from the CKS Memorial, which is part of a big open space in Taipei. The area includes other significant buildings.There were, of course a few other strange sites on the day. Such as these giant dogs - they weren't part of the parade. I think their owner just decided to take them out for the day.
We also saw this man with an Iguana on his head - acting totally cool about having an iguana of his head. Like it's a totally normal thing that happen's every day. I love the look on the woman's face in this photo.


disco said...

Wowee! Must have been quite a parade with all the colors! =)

You must have been in Taiwan for quite a while must be a whizz finding your way around!!

Trees said...

I'm not really a whizz at finding my way round - it's just there is an excellent subway system.

If it's not near a subway station I tend to get lost easily :P