Sunday, October 31, 2010

Just another Wednesday....

Currently I don't teach on Wednesday's, I usually go in for a few hours in the morning to make sure I am updated with all my marking and planning but in the afternoon Rich and I usually head out and about around Taipei. Most recently we went to have a look around the area near Taipei 101 which is a very high nice area of Taipei. It's full of really high end store I can't afford to shop at but it's a lot of fun to look around.

After having a look at a book shop and eating lunch we decided to have a look around Taipei 101 again but we didn't head up the top this time.
A bit later on, when it was dark we decided to head over and check out Sun Yat Sen Memorial. But Rich wanted to stop to take a Trees-zilla picture along the way.We finally made it to the memorial - but I didn't take many pictures because it was already pretty dark by then and I still haven't mastered taking photo's at night with my camera.

I just wanted to tell you all about one thing which seems to be really popular at Taipei tourist attractions and that is stamps. It seems that whenever you visit somewhere there are stamps to collect. I've recently bought a notebook to collect these stamps in to remeber all the places I visit. Here's just a few of the stamps at the Sun Yat Sen Memorial. I really like this idea - a free momento from everywhere you visit.

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