Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Vietnam Part 2 - Halong Bay

Whilst we were in Vietnam we visted Halong Bay which is a world away from the craziness of Hanoi.

We took a two day one night trip to Halong bay and stayed overnight on a junk, the trip was amazing. We spend our time swimming, kayaking, exploring caves and just relaxing and taking in the incredible scenery.

A picture says a thousand words and the pictures below describe the beauty of Halong Bay pretty well.


Julia said...

Wow, looks like a beautiful place!
It's freezing here :( I am envious

Trees said...

When I left NZ it was after 4 years of Wellington winters - I miss so many things about Wellington and NZ but the winter sure isn't one of them:)

I love your blog btw - very cute!

Jamie-Lee Burns said...

Wow this place looks incredible!! You are so lucky x