Thursday, August 12, 2010


Last stop on our most recent holiday was Macau, to be honest I didn't know that much about Macau apart that it was a former Portuguese colony. I have to say though that the day we visited was HOT - super super HOT!

To get to Macau from Hong Kong you need to catch a ferry, but as you are officially leaving Hong Kong you need to go through the hassles of customs which is a little annoying.

Macau is a really interesting place, it's architecture is quite unlike anything else I've seen in asia and I really love the contrast between the old Portuguese architecture and the modern craziness.

One of the first sights we visited in Macau was the ruin's of St Paul's Cathedral - this was really amazing to see but as you may be able to tell by all the umbrella's in the picture it was so hot. I never really understood using umbrella's in the summer until I moved to Asia - but when it's super hot you really need shade!

After resting in the sun for a while (trust me - we REALLY needed to get out of the sun!) we decided to head up to an old barracks. This was a really cool place which had amazing views of Macau. I would have loved to have stayed there for longer but we both needed a cool drink in the shade.

Here's a few more general photo's of Macau - I love the mix of European and Chinese culture.

I also saw these very strange tee shirts on the streets of Macau - "McHitler" and "Chairman Obama" - up until this moment I thought that Korea had the strangest tee shirts in the world.
Our final stop on our trip to Macau Tower, as everyone knows now, I love visiting towers (for no particular reason). What was especially cool about Macau tower was that it had a bungy jump run by AJ Hackett's company! It's so great seeing Kiwi's doing well in all parts of the world. Someone did a bungy whilst we were on the viewing deck of the tower - it looked totally terrifying!

When we finished at Macau tower we headed back to the ferry for our last night in Hong Kong.

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