Wednesday, December 09, 2009

French winter festival, Cupcakes and Garosu-Gil

Last Saturday was a really busy but super awesome day in Seoul, my friend Leana told us about a French winter festival so we decided to all head along - it really felt like Christmas does in movies at the festival! Snow, Christmas Carols, mulled wine, hot chocolate....a French Father Christmas - amazing!

After finishing up at the fair, having lunch and wandering around in the cold for a while it was time for a break and to warm up and what better place than a cupcake shop - the one we went to was particulary cute. I had a chocolate cupcake but I really want to go back and try the Earl Grey cupcake!

Finally, we ended the day in Garosu-Gil Street - a really amazing street full of Galleries, boutique stores and really nice restaurants. A Korean English language magazine I had compared it with Soho in New York. Well I'm not sure about that (but then I've never been to New York) but it was a pretty amazing place - it almost felt like we had left Seoul and gone to Europe!

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