Saturday, October 18, 2008

Support the 24 Hour Movie Marathon

So a few years ago when I was heading up to Auckland for the weekend I was absolutely gutted when I realised my trip up north was on the same weekend as the "V" 24 Hour Movie Marathon and I would have to miss out.

I really loved the idea of a movie marathon - like everyone else - I've done the odd movie marathon at home. But the thought of completing a movie marathon in a cinema - especially when the cinema is Paramount is so much more appealing.

Then, a couple of nights ago, Rich came across this website whilst surfing:

It's for the "V" movie marathon 2008 - it turns out last years marathon was cancelled due to lack of sales (I didn't even know it was on - I would have bought a ticket!).

Turns out the tickets are $50 each - which isn't so bad when you consider that any of the big movie theatre's in town it costs the best part of $20 for one movie ticket these days.

Plus it seems that the movies are the type that usually get screened as part of the incredibly strange film festival - so basically they aren't the sort you can rent for the DVD store everyday (in fact I think a lot of people wouldn't want to rent them even if they could, but then those people don't love trash cinema).

I think everyone I know should buy a ticket - because I want to go to the 24 hour film festival - and it won't go ahead unless all us movie geeks support it!

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