Wednesday, October 08, 2008

A new craft hero

So I have seen this book - Bazaar Bizarre on Amazon so many times and so many times I've thought of buying it but in the end I always decided against it. It's not that I'm against buying craft books online or anything I just wasn't quite sure if it would be as exciting as the cover.
I had read a lot about the Bazaar Bizarre craft fair though and I thought it did sound awesome (along the lines of Craft 2.0 and Craftwerk) but I still wasn't 100% sure.
Anyways on Saturday I was about half an hour early for roller derby practice (I know me being early is almost unheard of - it must have been fate!) so I decided to check out Goldings and pick up a few things and then made a wee side trip to Minerva - the only craft book shop in town.
They had their usual mix of cool and "traditional" craft books in stock but when I was looking around I saw Bazaar Bizarre and decided I MUST have it!
I think it has been money well spent - it's one of the few craft books I've really read "from cover to cover", at least, I'm part way reading from cover to cover.
There are also some very cool projects in it - a few I've seen before like sock monkey's, but then there is also a very cool heart shaped purse and my favourite a "trash" quilt! I've never done quilting before but I'll be giving that one a crack.
The author, Greg Der Ananian is now officially on my list of craft hero's!

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