Saturday, December 08, 2007

So all my crafty friends out there will know about craftster - it's a crafty institution for modern/alternative crafty folk.

I couldn't really look it much when Rich and I were stuck in the dark ages with dial up but now we have broadband I'm a craftster junkie.

What is craftster - you may ask? It's a crafty online community - people can network, arrange swaps and the like. But my favourite thing about craftser is that people can post photo's of what they have made and other people can comment on what they have made.

I'd been thinking about posting a picture of some of my work for a while but I kept on chickening out - but then I decided maybe I should post a picture of the beads I made Jess for her birthday on there as I was particulary stoked with them.

Today I got a post from someone who said "That is one mad cool necklace".

Yah! Feeling the love for my craft:)

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