Monday, December 17, 2007

I FINALLY have one!!

Yes - finally I have one! I bought it last week - I think that fact that my gym continously plays ZM (ewww...) was the final straw - what the hell am I talking about?

I finally bought an MP3 player!! You would have thought I would have bought one years ago - I am the sort of person that MP3 players are designed for after all. I'm an urban dweller who walks everywhere, I go to the gym regulary and I'm a music nut (Rich and I own about 300 plus CD's).

But I just didn't seem to get around to buying one - it seemed like a lot of money to spend at once on something I didn't need (yes I am PATHETIC!).

But over the last few weeks I decided it was really time I got one - there's only so many times a girl can listen to pathetic top twenty hits and even more pathetic morning DJ "chat" first thing in the morning.

So now I have a little Philips MP3 player that holds up to 450 songs - not enough for my entire album collection but still more than enough to keep me happy:)

Rich has even loaded a few albums on it for me by bands that I actually like that actually have talent - so when I walk to work or go to the gym I can rock out to Iggy and the Stooges, Modest Mouse or TV on the Radio and this is only the beginning.

Only question now is which CD's get loaded onto the MP3 player and which get left in the cold?

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