Saturday, December 08, 2007

Finally - it's all over!!

Yesterday was my last day at work - so I'm officially unemployed for one WHOLE weekend:P

I can't believe how busy yesterday was at work and how much "stuff" I'd accumulated over 2 years! My drawers seemed to be packed with draft documents which should have been sent to the recycling bin some time ago.

So I spend most of the day going through my drawers, filling in "I'm leaving" forms and taking down stuff from my walls (I had a lot of stuff on my walls!).

I got the good old giant leaving card yesterday - but I was rather bummed at how many people spelt my name with an "h" but stoked one person said I was the "best dressed person in the office" excellent:)

I was equally stoked with my leaving present - a $100 voucher for Illicit Clothing:)

Last night I went down for drinks at the Dog and Bone with my work mates which was pretty fun but a bit sad as there are a couple of people I'll be sad not to be working with anymore:(

A few non-work friends came down as well so I was feeling much love.

So now it's time to relax and chill for one weekend - before I start at my new job on Monday.

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