Friday, November 10, 2006

Badges Badges Badges

Well - even though I won't be able to attend the "Reclaim the Night" march anymore because my operation is due the day before...grrr...I have decided to keep on helping with the planning and preparation.

I decided to keep on helping out because -

A) I really do like planning/organising things
B) I've been helping out for so long - it seems stupied to pull out now
C) I like hanging out with the organising group

So last night Jaimee and I headed up to 128 to make badges - making badges totally rocks!! I want a badge maker!

We made a whole bunch of RTN and general feminist badges - it was so much fun - I totally can't wait to make badges again.

1 comment:

Tabitha Dial said...

I've made badges before ... in my college days ... ;-)

Awesome. And thank you for helping out with this event. You are fantastic.