Sunday, November 05, 2006

The weekend so far....

So what have I done with my weekend so far....on Friday night we went out to the Lighthouse Cinema in Petone to watch "Kenny" - which was a bit long winded but a pretty damn funny Aussie film and if you like toilet humour you would be in absolute heaven if you liked toilet it had some pretty good one liners and "Kenny" himself did make an appearance after the end of the film. After the film we went out for some dinner...mmm...middle eastern food.

Yesterday Jess and I went for a walk along the waterfront in the morning and then went out to Westfield to do some shopping(man did we do some walking yesterday!!) - I hadn't been out there for ages and I managed to get quite a few christmas presents for the family and also a new top, some costume jewellery and also the new Mint Chicks CD that I have been wanting FOREVER - I'm listening to it right now!

Last night Rich and I went out to dinner at the Holy Cow in Kelburn which was really cool - It was one of those places that we always walk past and say "we should go there" but never do because it's not in town - but we finally got there and the food was finish off the night we went up to the botanical gardens and watched all the fireworks which were absolutely beautiful - I loved watching them - it just makes you feel like a little kid in awe to see them again because they are just so big and beautiful.

Anyhoo - I gotta go and have a shower - we are heading off for a walk somewhere this morning...not quite sure where yet...

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