Friday, July 29, 2016

Manila Part Six - Fancy Makati

Our trips to Manila almost felt like visiting three totally different countries, the madness of Intramuros, the calm and history of Corrigador and finally we visited Makati, which was totally different again.
When we first left our hotel in Makati Rich said to me "It kind of feels like being in Singapore" and he wasn't wrong. The heat was as still as heavy as it was everywhere else but Makati is amazingly clean. It's also full of malls, lots and lots of malls. Including some very fancy malls.
You guys probably know this about me already, but I'm not a huge fan of malls - I'm much more of a market girl. However, when its a million degrees outside I can be tempted inside, especially if there are icy treats.

The icy treat with purple ice cream is halo halo and its a Filipino specialty and includes shaved ice, condensed milk, jelly and all kinds of other goodies.

Makati did have some nice open park areas to sit in and enjoy the sun or shade, depending what you preferred.
We did enjoy the matcha kit kat seats in the park - I know its just advertising, but its pretty fun.

I thought I'd finish off with a post of this subway, which had a lot of fun art (some of it very Kawaii).

This  is also my final post for our trip to The Philippines! It's now been a few months since we took this trip, but I still find myself thinking about The Philippines quite often, I think I said in one of my earlier posts The Philippines is probably the most challenge country I've visited and I've traveled quite a lot through South East Asia. The divide between rich and poor is so striking and the country has been so much turmoil. In fact my earliest memories of The Philippines was hearing about the horrible things that were happening there on the news when I was a child (during Fernando Marcos presidency).

I feel like I learnt so much during our trip and its a really amazing country to visit, I would love to go back again soon and visit some of the other islands. Also I have to say the Filipino people are so damn nice and so willing to share their history - even the painful and difficult parts. If you have a chance you really should visit, I'm so glad I went and I really want to go back, but next time for maybe a month or more.

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Kezzie said...

I love the ice-cream !!!! mmmm!! the Subway looks really cool too!
I just got back from France this evening so having a bit of a catch-up (I schedule posts to deter would be blog-reading burglars (of er-which I am sure there are many!))
yes, I would love to visit the Philippines and the people are SOOOO nice!