Sunday, July 17, 2016

Look! I actually made a thing!!

Hello folks - the last couple of months have been extremely busy work wise and whilst I have been able to keep on posting over on my instagram by blog posts and sewing projects have been few and far between.
However, yesterday I finally finished up a new dress and today Rich and I went for a winter walk and we managed to take some photos of my brand new dress!
This is a dress pattern I've had for a while but I just never got around to making it! The pattern is the Elisalex dress from By Hand London and although its a little big I am happy with how it came out overall - next time I will lengthen the bodice a bit though (which is a pretty normal adjustment I need to make in most patterns).

I didn't make too many changes with this one, but I did go for a gathered skirt rather than the two big box pleats which was what was in the original pattern.

I also went for the long sleeve version of the dress as its the middle of winter here, also I had a LOT of this fabric (I bought it for $3 a metre at The Fabric Warehouse pop up sale) so I figured why not.
I do really like the pack of this dress - although I have to admit it is a little chilly at the moment to be showing off so much back!
We seen to be having a pretty mild winter this year - which I'm not mad about!  All these photos were taken in our parliament grounds - in the photos above I'm outside the parliament library. In New Zealand things are pretty relaxed, when I first started working as a public servant in about 2006 you didn't even need to go through any kind of security to enter the parliament buildings (I have to admit that even back then I thought that was a little weird). I hope you all have a great week!


Louise said...

Love the dress! It looks great on you, and it's such a cheerful colour. xx

Rebecca Young said...

What a great dress - and one of my favourite colours as well.

I keep forgetting that you are experiencing winter as we swelter in hot humid temperatures!

Kezzie said...