Sunday, March 30, 2014


A few of you will remember a while back I decided to hold a giveaway due to a failed swap package (my partner disappeared and never sent my package).

I was meant to draw the winner of the swap last Sunday, but with my brother being in hospital and all and me having to head up to Hamilton for a week or so it was kind of impossible. 

But I can now announce the winner of the giveaway, its a week late - but better late than never right? 

I completed the giveaway in the most formal manner possible - writing all of the names on bits of paper, putting them in a tea cup and asking Rich to draw the name of the winner. 

The winner is Liv at Wait Until the Sunset who had a couple of pretty great cooking disasters - making a cake with salt instead of sugar and putting too much cornflour into a slow cook teriyaki chicken mix (result being it almost tasted like gravel).
I hope you really enjoy the apron and badges Liv!

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Helga said...

That Liv is a LOVE! Huzzah for her!