Saturday, March 08, 2014

Swap Failure - GIVEAWAY!

Happy Saturday guys - so I have some bad news for me and some good news for you guys! I recently signed up to a complete a "Box of colour" swap on Craftster.

However, my partner seems to have disappeared from the face of the earth and as such the organiser of the swap has advised me not to send the package of stuff I made, as I'm unlikely to receive anything back. I've done a lot of swaps and this is the first time this has happened, and it kind of sucks.

Luckily, I can use some of the package for another swap I'm currently taking part in, but it does leave me with a few handmade items with no home to go to - so I figured why not have a giveaway. 

My partners colour choice for the box of colour swap was black - so here's a few of the things I made which are now being given away right here on the blog.

First up is this apron - its the same pattern I used to make Jess' apron, the main fabric I received in a swap and the check fabric I picked up in the Arthur Toye closing down sale. It DOES need an iron, I had it all folded up for sending and it got a bit crinkled.
Here's a close up of the wee pocket - I'm getting pretty good at pockets!
I'm also going to include a whole bunch of buttons I made from fabric scraps I have - I bought a button making kit when I was in the USA last year. These are really fun to make. 
So if you want to win these things, all you have to do is leave a comment below and tell me about your worst baking/cooking related disaster! The giveaway will be open for two weeks, I will announce the winner on Sunday 23 May and I'm happy to send anywhere in the world. Good luck guys!


Wait Until The Sunset said...

Oh no!! That sucks! :(

But win for us!!!I pretty much always have baking and cooking disasters. I've come to terms with the fact I'm just not very good at it. Pretty high on the fail list would have to be a cake I made with salt instead of sugar Yep. I totally did that. I thought that only happened in movies :(

Wait Until The Sunset said...

OH OH OH!!! All the time I put too much cornflower into a slow cooked teriyaki chicken mix. It almost tasted like gravel. Yuuuummmy!

Krista said...

Sorry that gal bailed on you that sucks! That happened to once but I already sent the gal her present, what a bitch I thought!

I adore your mini apron! Too bad for her:). I haven't had a ton of cooking disasters but I would say cooking a turkey with the gut bad still in it was not a high point in my kitchen. Shhhhh no one knows!

Curtise said...

Oh what a shame about the disappearing swap partner - how naughty!
The apron and buttons are so sweet. I won't enter the giveaway (I have more than enough pinnies, and I'd hate you to spend a fortune on postage to the UK) but I do think the fabric-covered buttons are great.
I have had plenty of baking disasters (sometimes my cakes are awesome, sometimes flat as pancakes, no idea what I do differently each time!) xxx

Unknown said...

Poop with the disappeared partner - but good for us ;D
My worst cooking disaster was either the time when my pizza set itself on fire in the oven, or when I left a plastic dish on a hot cooking stove and it melted.. Or when I was using a sharp knife and it slipped and hit my face O_o ?! Which one is the worst, you choose :D

Louise said...

Oh, that's awful the other person bailed on the swap. So thoughtless of them! They're missing out on some really lovely things.

I'm not too bad at baking these days, but when I was eleven or twelve, my friends and I made a cake... it went in the oven, and we completely forgot about it (because we were too busy singing along to some music) until the house started filling with smoke! Luckily it was my friend's house not mine, and we didn't set the house on fire, but her kitchen smelt of smoke for months. Oops. xx

Helga said...

That IS a bummer, darling, but o so sweet for us!
Hmmm, I think my worst cooking disaster was baking a batch of muffins with baking soda instead of baking powder...even the ducks wouldn't eat them! XXX

alicia said...

this is the official adorable failure giveaway! <3

Vix said...

Her loss is our gain! What a loser she is, hope she's reading this and kicking herself!
Being a qualified chef I can't say that I've ever had an unmitigated disaster in the kitchen other than the lost decade I spent as a corporate hospitality manager in the catering industry, execute burn-out and a breakdown, that probably counts! xxx