Thursday, August 22, 2013

DCM Bookfair 2013

I'm sure wherever you live there are annual events you look forward to all year - right? I always look forward to the DCM (Downtown Community Ministry) - I thought it might have been cancelled this year because it was on the Saturday after our most recent big earthquake, but thankfully it went ahead.

The book fair is huge (the photo above shows only a small part of it) and whilst I usually pick up a few novels and travel books, I'm mainly in it for the craft and fashion books.
Here's a bit more detail of the books I bought "Vintage Vavoom" is a book about decorating your home with all your second hand treasures. We don't own our own home and live in a pretty small apartment, so at this stage I'm just enjoying the beautiful pictures. It could become useful for home decoration inspiration in the future though.

I bought this costume and fashion book for the imagines - because that's what it is a book of beautiful pictures. It also comes with a CD ROM - old school!

I also bought a book of Victorian crafts because its adorable - I'm not sure I would ever make anything from this book, but it sure is pretty to look at .

Finally a slightly cheesy "quick craft" style book - I think its produced by Spotlight and whilst some of the projects are a bit cringe worthy it does have some good ideas.

I usually pick up some hilarious old craft/sewing/pattern books at this event, but this year it wasn't too be. All my new book are relatively modern.

I hope you have all had a super week - I am SO glad its Friday tomorrow!


Unknown said...

a;kdjfldskjsdlfkj....costume and fashion books! WANT!

Also, the skully in my kitchen is one of those mugs you can buy around Halloween in the Halloween section. I think Target usually has them. My boyfriend has two of them, so I decided to use them in the kitchen.:)

Penny-Rose said...

What a great haul of books from the booksale! I think you would really like the Regent 24 hour book sale held here in Dunedin.

Monsterchen said...

that costume and fashion book looks really amazing and interesting. when i was younger i always dreamed of becoming a costume designer for historical movies;)
love and kiss,mary

alicia said...

hook me up with a fur throw baby!
<3 <3 <3

Anonymous said...

The 'book of vintage fashion' looks pretty cool. Lots of 'design detail inspiration' in there for future makes?