Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mexican Food, Norebang and Sci Fi Flicks....

Last weekend it was a friends birthday and he planned a weekend of fun stuff in Seoul. We started out by seeing "The Incredible Shrinking Man" on the big screen at the Seoul Family Film Festival which was amazing. I had seen it on DVD before and found it really compelling so it was even better on the big screen.

We followed up the film with lunch at a restaurant called "South of the Boarder"the food was amazing, it was the first Mexican food we have had in Korea and it was well worth the wait! They even made the guacamole at our table.

The original plan had been to go and play mini putt after lunch, however, it was a really wet day so we couldn't play. Instead we ended up going to play Norebang (like Karoke) which was great. We went to a "luxery" Norebang and had free ice cream and spent a raining afternoon in what looked like someone's living room. We got to sing western songs but none of the videos matched - instead they played random Korean music video's with the western songs.

We finished up the night with a few drinks at a "London Irish Pub" - yes that's right a London Irish Pub, it also had 1950's style American memoribilia on the wall which made matters more confusing and because it was Halloween night they has some interesting decorations up to celebrate - "Have a sexy Halloween"?

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