Friday, November 13, 2009

The rest of the Halloween craft swap

I've been really bad at posting the rest of the pictures of the items I recieved for the 13 days of Halloween stuff which is a shame as I recieved so much amazing stuff. It's a shame I don't get to open a new package of Halloween goodness every single day anymore. Anyway here's what I recieved - a long sleeved shirt with a bat print bleached onto it, cute Hello Kitty craft diary, goth stickers, super cut little bat clips, skull headband, skull wristband and badges, tiny toy chainsaw, brain box, gothic lolita Hello Kitty, "Goodbye Kitty"" skull earrings, black beaded bracelet, hand carved stamps (I love these!), blackboard, a pair of spats (I've always wanted spats!), a pair of bloomers which are awesome and finally a cute rockabilly skull skirt (the picture is awful but the skirt is amazing!).

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Mel Makes Pretty said...

Awesome swap goodies. Lucky you!
I have awarded you a Kreativ Blog award so head to my blog to play along if you want :)
Also PM me about swapping stuff when you get a chance.