Sunday, October 04, 2009

Adventures in Hongdae

Last weekend Rich and I visted Hongdae, we had heard so much about this part of Seoul. I really wanted to go there as I heard there was a really great craft market there.

The market there was really amazing, like a Korean version of Craft 2.0 and just as busy! So many amazing artists there. I could have spent some serious money there but instead I was able to limit myself to one set of earrings, one necklace, a stamp and some stickers. But I am really keen to go back there and get some more goodies.

There are a lot of great food places in Hongdae and we had some burgers for lunch which tasted like they could have been from a cafe in Wellington.

After lunch we wandered around the stores and streets and for a moment it felt like we could have been in Cuba Street - lots of funky and alternative stores and cafe's and people.

We picked up a flier from the information centre which talked about an amazing tea house which we tried in vain to find - but we did find an amazing cupcake store and a very cool muesuem full of collectable's and figurines called "The World's Best Uniqe Muesuem".

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Mel Makes Pretty said...

Is it just me or is that the coolest place ever. So much to see! And monkey cupcakes? I am impressed! How's the teaching going? Hope your well,
xo Mel