Monday, October 19, 2009

13 Days of Halloween Swap

So before I left New Zealand I signed up for a "13 days of Halloween Swap" this is a pretty HUGE swap! Basically you have to make your partner a package for the 13 days leading up to Halloween - I send the first part of my partner package before I left New Zealand and I am sending the final part tommorrow.

This is the package that I recieved from my partner Glamis (from Germany) as you can see it's a pretty huge box - I'm really spoiled.

Today I got to open my day 13 package and I was really excited to recieve an amazing skull bowl full of yummy German chocolate.

She even included a package for Rich - but he is being very good and waiting until Halloween to open it.
You may be wondering what I made my partner for day 13 of the swap? Well I decided to make 13 Skull and Crossbones soaps. They came out surprisingly well I thought.

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