Sunday, March 22, 2009

Midnight Expresso 20 Year Anniversary Street Party

So last Saturday night one of our favourite cafe's, Midnight Expresso, celebrated 20 years in Wellington. Some of the girls in my derby league went down to promote their mad skills and our upcoming bout so Rich and I decided to check it out as well. I think that maybe Wellingtonian's are a little "over" festivals and street parties as there has been SO many over the past few months - so there wasn't a huge crowd there. But it was still a good evening - I managed to catch up with the derby crowd and also a few of my friends who were just randomly about. The fire dancers were pretty amazing to watch and were a highlight of the night - I've never really seen fire dancers at night but have to say it's really impressive!

We followed up the Midnight Birthday Celebrations with a show at Happy Bar. The show consisted of three singer songwriters - my favourite was Groper, although the name isn't so attractive she was a really amazing singer/songwriter from the United States and I really enjoyed her set. We also saw a New Zealand guy called Pumice who was a pretty crazy and amazing "one man band". I'm not sure of the name of the third act but it was a guy with his laptop which was ok for a while but his set was an HOUR long and I thought it would never end...

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