Thursday, March 06, 2008

I just bought what may possibly be my last ever Misery T-shirt

So you may have read my earlier post at my dispair at my most favourite label in the world shutting down **sigh** it just isn't fair!! There are of course other labels I like...but I can only think of one other Kiwi label that makes stuff as cool as Misery (and that's Kitty Bridges but I can't afford her stuff too often...).

So anyways, on the way home from work I went to drown my sorrow by seeing if the illicit shop had an cool Misery Tee's or Hoodies left. It looks like Hoodies were off the agenda - but I was able to pick up a tee. It's a cute wee red one with a little sailor girl on the cute! so Misery!

Maybe there will be some designs I like by the time next pay day comes around and it won't have to be my last Misery tee ever.

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