Thursday, September 27, 2007


On Monday I finally got around to seeing Hairspray with Donna, Anna and Caroline.

I know musicals aren't my usual scene but this one just looked so funny:)

The film didn't disappoint - I found it hilarous!! It was nice to see a film that I didn't have to be all serious and thoughtful about and just have a big laugh!

After the movie we decided to have dinner - we ended up going to this place called Chai on Courtney Place that I always thought was a cafe that just sold cake as it always has these really intricate cakes in the window that never looked quite like real cakes to me.

But as it turns out - as well as selling cakes that don't look quite like cakes it also does some pretty yummy Asian food. I think we decided it was Taiwanese?

Anyways in summary - Hairspray good and Chai (excluding the cakes that don't really look like cakes) good:)

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