Friday, September 07, 2007

Kat's "29 going on 5" Birthday Party

Last Saturday night was my good friend Kat's 30th birthday and for her birthday celebrations she decided to take a step back into her childhood and have a child themed birthday party.

This is quite a cool idea - but I must admit I had forgotten how much bad food comes as part and parcel of children's birthday party - it was carnage - so so many sweet things. Which is never good for someone like me who can resist the hot chips and savouries but can never say no to a third helping of cake...hummm...

But a good night was had by all including a game of pass the parcel (although I must admit I'd never considered before how stupid it is to give children food related prizes like lollies in pass the parcel when the table is already a sugar-o-rama)

Anyways for Kat's birthday, Rich created an absolutely awesome skull earring for Kat - unfortunatly I can't post a picture of it here as it's a wee bit small to capture a good image of it on my wee camera.

I made Kat a cross-stitch for her birthday which was completely inappropriate for children (and easily offended adults for that matter). She loved it though - and I knew she would so that all that matters!

Here's a photo of Kat in her ladybug get up lighting the candles on her rather impressive birthday cake - I was annoyed I couldn't eat any because by the time the cake light phase came about I was completed stuffed to bursting with cakes, lollies and other such things. But the cake was really amazing - it reminded me of somewhere ompa loompa's may live (I'm talking old school ompa loompa's not the slightly creepy ompa loompa's in the Jonny Depp version of Charlie and the Chocolate factory)
Kat (as a ladybug), myself (as a schoolgirl) and Barbara.

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