Thursday, September 27, 2007

Vegetarian for Life?

As some of you know - Rich and I have kind of been half arsed vegetarians for a while now. Rather than saying "Yes we are vegetarians" or "no we're not" we've been sitting on the fence with the "we only eat fish and chicken - not red meat though".

But it's kinda time we took a stand one way or the other - and we've decided to go to the vegetarian side of the fence.

Due to a number of reasons - but the whole battery farm chicken incident that has been in the media this week certainly helped us to make the decision.

So it's going to be a "meat free" life from now on which is a huge change! We're going to go to the vegetarian day that's happening in Wellington this weekend for some advice on what we should be eating and also hopefully recipes - I'm not sure what I'm going to cook from now on - eek! (although I did make some very nice vegetarian burrito's tonight - yum yum chilli beans).

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