Saturday, October 14, 2006

Saturday morning at last...

Well it feels like last week was a very long week with finnishing off my final essay for my course, a busy week at work and not feeling particulary fantastic health wise (one day I will come home and there WILL be a letter in the mailbox telling my my operation is due to go ahead "sigh").

But this week I actually managed to go to the gym 3 times which was fantastic - I know I used to be able to go 6 times a week no worries but these days I really struggle to go most days because I don't feel good at all so going 3 times in one week is a really good effort for me.

Well what am I up to this weekend? I was orginally going to go to Nats Rocky Horror Party tonight but after paying for a whole bunch of the stuff for the horror party, a couple of birthdays presents as well as uni course fees I am too poor to go - because it's a rocky horror party and I really can't afford to get a costume together, present, drinks..."sigh".

So instead we have decided that we will go to a gig up at the Carter Observatory tonight - with Dukes of Leisure and another band that Rich's old tutor from Natcol is in - so it should be a good gig with an interesting venue.

Last night Rich and I went to dinner at Ross' and watched "Land of the Dead" with him which was pretty cool - so we watched "Dawn of the Dead" last weekend and the sequel this weekend which was quite cool. Hopefully Ross enjoyed it - I don't know if it was really his bag!

Today I'm off up to the Women's Room for a while and then going to meet the girls and go for a walk along the waterfront, which will be good, hopefully it's not too windy out there - looks pretty overcast right now but I hope it's not windy - you can never really tell down in this little cave we live in.

Tommorrow I think Rich & I are going for a daywalk and in the afternoon I am catching up with Jo & Nats and going to the beach to hang out for a bit (like we used to do in our 7th form days) and then in the evening I am going to finally catch up with Mella - she's invited us to her new house on The Terrace which sounds really fantastic - I can hardly wait to see it!

Well I best go and get organised to go to the Women's Room or I'll be late!!

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