Sunday, October 01, 2006

General Update....

Well my blogging over the last week hasn't been up to my usual obssessive standard so here's what I've been up to lately.

Well on Friday Jess asked me for a drink and Ross asked me to some dance thing at the New Zealand Film archive but I decided I really couldn't go to either. The last week or so my "sort of" endo has got quite bad again "sigh" and I am shortly going to run out of my painkillers so back to the Dr for me again I guess....I dread to think how much money I have spend on Dr's since this whole "supposed" endo thing has happened to me.

Anyways - because I wasn't up to being my usual social self on Friday Rich and I decided to get out a couple of DVD's but we have only watched one so far going to watch the other one tonight. The one we watched on Friday night was called "Dig" and it was basically the story of the Dandy Warhol's and another band called the "Brian Jonestown Masscre" who were basically their best mates and then sort of was a really interesting movie actually....we were going to see it at the cinema but just never got there so it was good to finally see it.

But on Friday night I did get a text from Mariella saying that she had made it to Wellington safe and she is now at her sister's in Khandallah - which is really cool - I can't wait to see her at the Horror dinner party on Friday if not before.

Anyways Saturday was slightly more productive than Friday - I got up and went to the Women's Room at 10 and finished off my book for bookclub when I was there, then I went to meet the usual posse (Jess, Ange, Celia, Georgie & Jaqui) at The Goblin Cafe for lunch - there was discussion of a girls night involving the chocolate fountain that Celia got for her engagement party and cocktails...could be a very fun night but also very dangerous on the waistline.

I then went down to the Occidental to catch up with Jo and Cindy for a drink. It was good to catch up with those two - except it doesn't sound like Jo is having much luck with her stinky landlord at the moment.

Then last night Rich and I went out, we started off with dinner at Katipo and then went for a walk along the waterfront for a bit - it was a beautiful night and although windy - not crazy windy!

We then headed over to Bats for the play we were seeing called "Yours Truely". When I booked the tickets for the play I didn't realise it was 2 hrs 20 mins long - which seems like a really long time....but this play is absolutely fantastic and the time moves pretty quickly (plus unlike a movie you do get intermission!).

The play was the story of JackThe Ripper (well at least one of the theories of Jack the Ripper) and it was fantastic - it was completely intense but the actors were all amazing and really drew you into the story and in parts it was scary as hell! I would recomend that everyone go and see it - I think it's the best play I have ever seen.

Today we didn't do that much - ended up getting up quite late due to daylight savings upsetting my sleep pattern a bit. We did a big walk out to Brooklyn to check out a really cutie cutie house. Then went and had lunch in a cafe in Brooklyn - we began to walk up to the wind turbines - but then the rain really set in and although we are used to walking in rain this was really soaking us so decided to head back down and have a hot choc at the cafe at the movie theatre in Brooklyn instead and walk home when the rain had stopped.

When we got home I set up the blog for the "Reclaim the Night" march - which seemed to take forever...but the link for it is below - I think I did an ok job - I am pretty used to blogging now days after all -

So tonight we are watching the other DVD we got out on Friday - It's called "Suspiria" and it's an Italian Zombie film - apparently it's meant to be scary as Hell - In fact the cover said "The only thing scarier than the last 12 minutes of this film is the first 81". It's one of those cult horrors I have been meaning to watch forever but have never quite got there so it will be good to finally see it.

Anyways best sign off - I've been writing this whilst making tea at the same time and it should be done shortly then it will be Suspiria time!

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