Thursday, October 12, 2006

Finally - here thery are - The Horror Dinner Party Photos!

Well - the waiting is over - here are my (& some of Jess') photo's from the horror dinner party!

Rich and I - the whole Gomez & Morticia thing didn't go quite to plan - but we look scary enough!

Inspired by the film - we had a bit of a "Dawn of the Dead" moment
I really like this photo of Jess & I - Morticia & Witch Lady!
Georgie and Me - aka Spider Lady and Morticia!!
Jaimee, Georgie and Marc settling in for some quality zombie film watching
A picture of me modelling my "Secret Jack Skeleton Present" - Flashing Redneck Teeth - The wonders of modern technology!
Another picture of my lovely self and the lovely Jess
Marc as "Death"
Photo of "the girls" - not in Zombie mode
Now that's something you don't see everyday - A Demon, Death and a Spider Lady!
Just some gossip between a witch, a mad women and a spider lady!!
Jess & Andrew
Celia casting a spell over Simon - perhaps?
Celia and her pendant of "doom" - well that's what I like to call it anyways - actually it's a funky necklace she got for her Secret Jack Skeleton
Celia, Jaimee and Ange
The Girls - Again!!
Bredan Before.....
......and after....
Ange trying on some "tattoo sleeves" - wow! The tattoos look so real!
Ange & Brendan

A random demon - also know as Andrew!

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