Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sophia the First dress as worn by Sophiia!

Hello All! Just a very quick post of something my brother sent me this morning I thought was worth sharing! Back in 2015 my niece turned five and before her birthday I found some Sofia The First fabric. I imagine it's pretty excited for a princess obsessed girl to have a princess with the same name as her (even if its spelt differently!).

I blogged about the dress I made here, but it was too big for Sophiia, so I don't think she wore it too much. However, I guess with kids clothes its better they are too big rather than too small!
Fast forward to this morning, when my brother sent me this photo and told me that the Sofia dress now fits Sophiia and it's her favourite! Yah!

I guess I should probably start thinking about what I should do with the Frozen and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fabric I bought my niece and nephew at a recent sale, I'm thinking I should make them some Easter presents (because let's face it, they will get a tonne of Easter eggs) my brother said they could do with some pajamas, time to get hunting for kids patterns!

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Vix said...

You are a brilliant auntie! that's fabulous! x