Saturday, August 27, 2016

Barista Cats Cafe

I've lived in Asia and visited a number of Asian countries and I've been to a number of  weird and wonderful cafe but I never visited a cat cafe for some reason. However, during our recent trip to Auckland I FINALLY visited a cat cafe!

I'd heard that there was a cat cafe in Auckland and when I googled it I found there were actually three (hello Wellington when are we getting a cat cafe?), Barista Cats had great reviews and it was also on Queen Street (which is right in central Auckland) so this is the one I chose to visit - oh and of course Rich, Sue and Conor came along too!
As this is the only cat cafe I've been too I'm not sure how it measures up with cat cafes in other parts of the world, but I can tell you the cats had plenty of space and toys (here's a full list of all the Barista Cats) and for $15 you get to spend an hour with the cats and get a drink of your choice (tea, coffee, hot chocolate) and there is also further food available to buy if you'd like.
When you receive your drinks they have a cute little cat cover on it, one of the cats wanted to try my hot chocolate so its a good idea to have covers!
 The folks at Barista Cats had done such a good job of fitting out the cafe with fun cat furnishings like this white tiger rug.
Although none of the cats were using it on the day we visited I do love the "hissing booth" so fun!
There are cats of all different ages and personalities at the cafe, Rich was a magnet for sleepy ginger cats on the day.
Other cats a younger and a little more playful, but to be honest, most of the cats were pretty keen on sleeping and snuggling.

As a cat lover, I would recommend Barista Cats to anyone in Auckland with a bit of time on their hand who want to hang out with a few cats friends for an hour. In case you're wondering, the staff are super amazing as well!


Louise said...

It looks like my kinda place! The hissing booth is hilarious! I've always wanted to visit a cat cafe, but I don't know of any in my neck of the woods. Also, ginger cats are the best! Well, except for Siamese kitties; I've always wanted one. xx

Second Hand Rose said...

We have a few of those popping up in the UK now and some have waiting lists! I think my brother's friend went to one and they said you were not allowed to pet or stroke the cats-what's the point then!? I may have imagined that but I'm sure that's what they said.
I love the hissing booth, I think everyone needs a human version of those in their house! The drink covers are great, you definitely need them as cats are so inquisitive. I love that picture of Rich, they obviously loved him! Thanks for taking the time to comment on my blog by the way, I really appreciate it. XxxX

Vix said...

I'd be visiting with a big bag and trying to steal all of those cats! xxx