Thursday, August 11, 2016

Auckland Birthday Adventures - Part One

It was recently my birthday, when Rich and I heard that The Cure (one of our favourite bands) were going to have a gig in Auckland around my birthday we decided to take a mini break. It also helps some of our closest friends, Conor and Sue, live in Auckland!

We took two days off work (the concert was on Thursday so we figured we may as well stay until Sunday) and had some time in the city exploring whilst our friends were at work.

After a bit of breakfast (we took an early morning flight) we decided to check out a few stores, Rich even came to the Hello Kitty store with me!
Unfortunately this kind of stuff is pretty expensive here in New Zealand, so I usually wait till we go traveling to buy Sanrio related goodies, but I did buy a new key ring.
We walked along Queen Street and checked out a few more stores, Queen Street has quite a lot of Asian stores which are always fun to check out.

We pocked up a green tea "Crunky" bar to try (we used to eat Crunky in Korea - its a chocolate bar with rice bubbles).
We also stopped off at Real Groovy Records - but it seems these days there is less music and more books and pop culture stuff, but I guess stores like this have to adapt or die.
We had a bit of a look around K Road and decided to buy some lunch and head to the Winter Gardens. For lunch we bought these insane rice burgers! SO MUCH RICE (but delicious).

We spent some times wandering around the winter gardens, we've been here a few times in the past but they are lovely and its also nice to head into a hot house on a cold winters day!

We walked to the Auckland Museum (but didn't go inside) and war memorial and looked out on the city. This is one of my favourite spots when I'm visiting.

We ended up walking back down to the city from the gardens and ended up at the Auckland waterfront for a while.

After this we met up with our friends after they finished work, checked out their new house, had some dinner and then went to see The Cure!
The show was amazing and the set was THREE HOURS long! This is the second time for all of us seeing The Cure, we all saw them together last time they were in New Zealand10 years ago! That's the downside of living at the end of the world I guess. The show was amazing though and this time they played my favourite song - Love cats! Which they didn't play way back in 2006 -  I was pretty happy.


Vix said...

I adore The Cure. A Boys Don't Cry poster used to adorn the walls of the hovel i used to rent back in the 1980s. I've yet to see them, you're lucky to have seen them twice.
Auckland looks fab, the Winter Gardens are beautiful! xxx

Second Hand Rose said...

It sounds like you had such a wonderful day and managed to get a lot of things done. Congrats on getting a man into a Hello Kitty store by the way! It sounds like you had an amazing time at the gig! XxxX

Kezzie said...

This sounds SUCH an interesting day! I am SO intrigued by that green chocolate. Does it taste of chocolate OR green tea OR both???? The Winter garden looks so pretty too.
And the rice burger? How does it stay together!??!?! (Evidently, I am all about the food today!)x