Saturday, May 14, 2016

Me Made May - The first couple of weeks

Hello Folks! Week one of Me Made May is over and I managed to wear something I made each day (well almost).

Here's a recap of what I wore over the past week:

DAY ONE - I wore my Easter Dress to go hiking with Rich, the pattern is the too cute tunic dress from Sew La Tea Do.

DAY TWO -  I went to work in my Pretty in Paisley made from a vintage pattern and vintage fabric from Unearthed Vintage.
DAY THREE - I wore my autumnal dress the pattern is from Christine Haynes book Simple and Chic Sewing and the fabric is from Arthur Toye Fabrics (RIP).
 DAY FOUR - I went  to the hairdressers! Dress in my Nautical Arum Dress the pattern is from Deer &  Doe and fabric from The Fabric Store.
 DAY FIVE - I was at home with a migraine so no me made outfits on day five!

DAY SIX -  I still haven't gotten around to blogging about this dress! I made it to wear to work back in March for St Patrick's Day. Fabric is from Fabric a Brac and the pattern is Colette Peony.
DAY SEVEN - I volunteered at Fabric a brac with Emma! This fabric is from the previous fabric a brac and the pattern is the Sigma Dress from Papercut patterns.

DAY EIGHT - Rich and I went for a walk in the reserve near Holloway Road, this dress is made from a vintage pattern and fabric from Arthur Toye Fabrics (RIP). This was the dress I finished up for The Monthly Stitch UFO showdown challenge.
DAY NINE -  I didn't have a great day at work so I couldn't be bothered with a proper outfit photo - this is another unblogged project, the pattern is Colette Peony (again) and the fabric is from Spotlight.
DAY TEN - I wore my Monster Mash dress the fabric is from Spotlight and the patter from Christine Haynes book Simple and Chic Sewing.
DAY ELEVEN - I wore my Vix Dress  its made from a Vintage pattern and up-cycled skirt.
 DAY TWELVE - I wore my Jungle January Dress which is a mash up of the Salme Pussy Bow Dress and Colette Laurel Dress the fabric is from The Fabric Store.
DAY THIRTEEN - I got caught out in the rain and had to get changed when I got home so this is the only picture you guys get! I wore another dress using a pattern from Christine Haynes book Simple and Chic Sewing and I bought this fabric on my first trip to the USA.
 DAY FOURTEEN - Yah! Saturday! I wore my Mask Print Laurel Dress its made from yet more fabric from Arthur Toye Fabrics (I really miss that place!) and the Colette Laurel pattern.
Phew! That's quite  lot of me made garments - they are ALL dresses though and many patterns have multiple versions. What can I say, when  I like something I stick with it! I'll do another one of these posts in a couple of weeks time.


Rebecca Young said...

A very impressive collection of dresses.

They are all fabulous


Vix said...

Fantastic dresses, each and every one. x

Kezzie said...

I really do love all your dresses! They are so pretty! Love the mustard-coloured one especially!