Thursday, May 26, 2016

Autumn Walks - Butterfly Creek

I figured it was time for a post about something I'd done more recently, rather than my travels in The Philippines!
A few weekends ago Rich and I decided to take a walk to Butterfly Creek, we've lived in Wellington for over ten years and Butterfly Creek was one of those places we always MEANT to visit but never quite got around to going.

We decided it was time to make it happen, the walk is over in Eastbourne and from where we live in the central city you can take either a ferry or bus. We decided to take the ferry one way, because any time you have a chance to take a ferry you really should!
The ferry lands at Days Bay, where one brave soul was swimming! It's a bit of a walk from Days Bay to Eastbourne and then to the entrance of the Butterfly Creek walkway.

Eastbourne is a cute little village and it has a bit of a sea/nautical theme happening. Also we couldn't quite work out what was happening with this store in with the skeleton in the window - junk shop? book store? It was all a little unclear!

We also walked past a school that still had flowers out for the ANZAC day commemorations, including lots of knitted (or maybe crochet?) flowers attached to the school gates.

Finally we made it to Butterfly Creek walkway - I have to say the sign is a lot more exciting than the signed outside most walkways I've been too, my favourite part is that it tells you what birds you can see on your walk.

The walk itself is pretty magical, and it has some amazing views!

After quite a lot of walking we did arrive at Butterfly Creek itself - its a pretty amazing place! A bit like something out of a fairy tale.

This walk feels like so long ago now, our weather has truly changed from autumnal to winter! I guess 1 June is officially winter so its to be expected, next time we head out for a walk I'm going to have to wrap up a lot warmer.


Vix said...

That walk looks so pretty and very Autumnal. xxx

Louise said...

Great photos! The scenery looks gorgeous, and those crochet poppies are really sweet. xx