Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Charlotte's Birthday Dress

Recently our friends Ross and Shelley's daughter Charlotte celebrated her first birthday - as always, I wanted to make something and ultimately her present was late because I wanted to make something.

Ross and I have been good friends since we were 18 years old - so he understands how things roll with me. I always have good intentions and I will get around to that meaningful present - EVENTUALLY.

I have to say I was really happy with the way Charlotte's dress turned out - I had a look through my stash for some suitable fabric and  I came across this really fun fabric that I had actually forgotten about! I bought this at the Arthur Toyes closing down sale, I have to admit I had no real plans for the fabric when I bought it, I just thought it was so much fun.
I decided to use a "tried & true" pattern and made the dress with the same pattern I used for a dress for my niece Sophiia a few years ago.
Last time I made the dress I was pretty new at sewing, so I didn't include the pocket on the front as I was worried I'd just mess it up. But I feel a lot more confident now, so I included the pocket and I think it looks pretty cute - a great little place for a little girl to hide all kind of treasures. The photo makes the pocket look wonky, but its my photography skills that are wonky - not my sewing skills!
Here's the final dress - I popped it in the mail today - I hope Charlotte likes it! Her mum Shelley is a big fan of social media, so I will hopefully see her wearing it soon via the internet (if not in real life).
This last photo was taken before I added the hook and eye to the back of the dress - that was done before I sent it off.

I hope everyone is having a good week so far! Rich and I took Monday off because we headed north for my Mum's 60th birthday - so its a short week for us, hurrah!


Penny-Rose said...

Oh that is so sweet - a gift well worth waiting for.

Sandra said...

Yay, what a cute dress. I'm sure she will love it.

Vix said...

What a wonderful gift for Charlotte. I bet Ross & Shelley were thrilled.
Happy birthday to your Mum! xxx

Louise said...

Aw, what a cute dress! I'm sure she'll love it! :) (Or at least her parents will). xx

Anonymous said...

Aww, how cute! She'll be delighted.