Sunday, September 21, 2014

Spring time in the gardens!

It's spring time - or at least its meant to be! Today was pretty cold and damp, but at least the Cherry Blossoms still know it is in fact spring time.
The tulips looked like they were struggling a bit - but were making a good effort to appear.

Also there was a windmill - because the tulip festival was on today, but as we usually wake up early we arrived before the festival had started.
We finished up our walk with a stop at the always warm Lady Norsewood Begonia House.

Also the gardens seemed like the perfect spot for a very quick outfit photo - I finished up this simple dress last night. Made with my favourite vintage pattern with some fabric I picked up on the Wellington Craft Crawl.

Hope you folks are all having a wonderful weekend - I think I hear my sewing machine calling my name right now xox


Curtise said...

Doesn't it lift your spirits when the Spring flowers are out? I love them, and I also love the print on your new frock! xxx

Louise said...

Gorgeous photos! I love Spring. I LOVE cherry blossom. And I love tulips! (Especially yellow ones!) Only six or seven months until Spring gets to England... seems like a life time away. xx

Vix said...

Nothing like the appearance of Spring flowers to give you hope for the end of winter. Lovely photos and a killer dress. xxx

Monsterchen said...

oh wow how beautiful is this spring awakening!!! and i love your dress! you look great as usual darling!

alicia said...

the windmill! mini dutch haven in wellington! i love cherry blossoms and tulips and your new dress! <3

Anonymous said...

I love all your beautiful photos, and I lurrrve your dress!