Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Hello Kitty Dress

I feel like I'm so behind in my blog posting and reading right now that I should perhaps declare some kind of blog amnesty and start over in three months when I have more time. I could spend my Christmas break equally in the sunshine and catching up on all the blog posts I have missed? Although if I wait that long I may NEVER EVER catch up!

Anyway that's enough worrying about my lack of blogging and blog reading - I guess long story short is I have a lot of stuff happening right now and eventually at some point I will catch up.

I did decided it was time to have and outfit post and share a recent something that I made.

I bought this fabric last year when I was staying with Alicia and she took me to the craft mecca of Jo-Anns. It was a pretty exciting day for me, but as you can see, I was pretty cool about it.
I've already made up dresses in the day of the dead and purple kitty fabric - so all that was left to do was to make something from the Hello Kitty fabric and I FINALLY did it!
The pattern is a simple shift dress pattern, because the pattern pretty much speaks for itself and when I say speaks for itself I mean it screams "I'M A DRESS COVERED IN HELLO KITTY - LOOK AT ME!!!"
I feel like my hair has reached new levels of awesome in these photos - Ria had styled my hair the day before and when I brushed it out it was automatically awesome. Why doesn't it look like this every day??
Also look! I'm not hanging out in an inner city apartment building car park! Also I look quite perplexed in this photo. Maybe its all that space and grass and lack of hobos?

A couple of weekends ago, I hung out with a couple of crafting pals to eat tacos and do some sewing and such. These photos are at Joy's house in Island Bay, its so nice out there I could ALMOST be convinced to leave my inner city bunker.

I also had a few very serious grown up photos taken with my friend Jo - these are our "Holy Crap this dress is covered in Hello Kitty" faces.
I'm not sure what's happening here - Joy said "butts together" so that's what we did. I have to admit its kind of adorable.
I hope you guys are all having a great week so far - I will be back with at least one more post this week. It's going to be all about my crafting/sewing area, I'm not sure if that's going to be exciting or not? But I do have a lot of fabric for an apartment dweller!


Vix said...

Yay! I haven't been able to comment on your blog with Bloglovin for ages! I've had to log out and Google your blog instead.
Love the dress and the outdoor setting. xxx

Curtise said...

The Hello Kitty shift is fab, and I love the shots with your friend - cute indeed! xxx

Louise said...

Love your outfit, and your hair looks gorgeous! I'm looking forward to reading about your sewing adventures. xx

JuanitaTortilla said...

Butts together :D
Yes, of course looking at your sewing area would be fun!

Vintage Bird Girl said...

That dress is awesome...I'm so behind on blog reading as well. It's harder to comment when you're on a mobile phone. I love the pics at the end....so cute. I'm dying to see some pics of the Auckland vintage fair. How was it this year?? Xx

Krista said...

I'm with Vix bloglovin sucks I could not comment on your blog:(. This dress is too adorable! I'd steal it from you but everyone would know:)

alicia said...

yaaay hello kitty dress! you bought the cutest fabrics at jo-anne's! i hope you'll always think of me when you wear your dresses... :D

your hair is always pretty awesome and i was amazed that it was just magically a style even when it was wet!

lack of hobos is VERY perplexing! <3

Anonymous said...

Absolutely wonderful, adorable, and special. And the dress is too! It was an awesome day, thanks for sharing it with me :)