Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Once You Pop You Can't Stop -Springtime Swap - recieved goodies!

I actually recieved these goodies a while ago now, I've been meaning to post them for a long time!

Not all of the goodies I recieved are posted here, mostly due to my camera being a bit rubbish and taking average photo's a lot of the time.

The basic gist of a "once you pop you can't stop" swap is that you need to decorate an empty pringles can and full it with goodies.

For this swap my partner went more with my likes - skulls and creepy things - rather than spring. But that's good because I like skulls and creepy things!

She made me some knitting needles, spider earrings, a creepy cute skull necklace and a cute sock monkey I called Burton.

She also made me a little scarf with skulls and hearts but the picture of that didn't come out - but it is very cool.

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